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A tar-and-chip driveway is a low-cost alternative to asphalt, offering a more solid surface than plain gravel It also has a rough texture, which makes for much better footing when wet or snow-covered, compared to poured concrete, which can be slippery

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With a tar and chip driveway your contractor will first apply a hot mix liquid asphalt cement to a gravel base or the existing driveway (provided that it is in good condition) Next, one or two layers of crushed stone will be spread on top of the hot asphalt and compacted down

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Tar-and-chip driveways afford good traction, since the surface layer is composed of individual stones So rather than having a smooth and potentially slick surface like asphalt, the surface of tar-and-chip driveways is rough

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Cost effective, yet attractive, driveway paving options are of interest to homeowners with driveways of all shapes and sizes Fortunately, the tar and chip method provides a reasonably priced, eye-appealing way to seal driveways with low cost long-term maintenance

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A tar and chip driveway also known as macadam, chip seal and oil and stone consists of hot liquid asphalt covered with crushed stone, which gets compacted before the asphalt hardens Let a professional, who can safely work with the equipment and hot asphalt, install your driveway, residential road or parking lot

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Tar and chip was the original pavement used on all roads, parking lots and driveways Tar and chip, is virtually maintenance free as there is no need for sealcoating The life span of tar and chip depends on the amount of layers installed

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Tar & chip road paving (which is also referred to as chip seal, estate paving, macadam etc) is similar to asphalt, as it is a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, liquid A/C (or hot tar if you prefer) as a binder and gravel as the main structural component

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I Heart My Tar & Chip Driveway Back in September 2004, I had a tar and chip (bituminous surface treatment) driveway installed in place of the existing gravel drive that came with our old house Because there wasn’t (and still isn’t) much web information on tar and chip driveways, I thought I’d briefly summarize my experience

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Tar and Chip Installation With the proper equipment, anything in life is easy We have the best equipment in the industry, and we take pride in our work The installation process of a new tar and chip driveway by our professionals is as follows: A gravel base is installed

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Randy and Rhonda P says: We heard about tar and chip Ottawa through a friend who went to the homeshow in Ottawa We wanted to get our driveway paved, but we weren’t looking forward to the cost (about $3,000 more), time to install or maintenance of asphalt Taylor came…

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A tar and chip driveway is very similar to standard blacktop in composition Both types of driveway use asphalt cement as the ingredient which creates adhesion to the aggregate

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A tar and chip driveway, built from layers of gravel, tar and gravel chip, can be a convenient and attractive avenue choice in many situationsThe different elements of the avenue combine to form an abutment surface and durable that holds up well in time and is relatively easy to maintain

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Chip Seal Driveway Chip Seal is also known as tar & chip Chip seal driveways have become very popular recently due to their beautiful appearance and design The chip and seal method has been around for hundreds of years and is a very economical and affordable option compared to …

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What others are saying "Asphalt can create a beautiful" "Tar and Chip Driveway from Atlanta Tar & Chip Paving, also known as Chipseal, is a cost effective, yet attractive, driveway paving option

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Tar and Chip Driveways A Rustic Inexpensive Choice Tar and chip driveways are a great choice for a driveway material If you would like to keep the cost fairly reasonable, but want something more interesting than asphalt, you should consider this type of paving

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For instance, the tar-and-chip driveway cost for a single-car type that is 180 sqft would be $180 to $720 The wider type, on the other hand, would cost about $240 to $960 Additionally, the tar-and-chip driveway cost for a two-car driveway that is 400 sqft in size would be $400 to $1,600 while the 480 square foot-sized driveway would amount

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The cost of a tar and chip driveway is almost always less expensive than standard blacktop The cost rises if you choose an expensive colored stone Maintenance is virtually non-existent

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Tar & Chip Paving, also known as Chipseal, is a cost effective, yet attractive, driveway paving option The Tar & Chip method combines asphalt and stone to create a textured hard surface

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Free quotations, registered tar and chipping driveway company, unbeatable prices Get a free estimate today in Cork by calling us or requesting a free callback Make sure to visit our gallery’s to see some of the tar and chip driveway work we have carried out for customers in Cork

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Using tar and chip is a great way to freshen up or redo an existing surface It has a more natural look than standard asphalt which can blend better into the more natural surroundings

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The tar and chip driveway surface has a classic, rustic and aesthetic quality, giving your driveway all of the great benefits of other surfaces, but with a greater aesthetic quality It has the aesthetic finish to satisfy even the most challenging domestic application

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Tar & chip driveway or chip sealing, is very similar to asphalt, as it is a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, liquid A/C (or hot tar if you prefer) as a binder and …

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The traditional European Tar and Chip Driveway finishes with loose stones on the top of the pavement so as to provide protection for the curing pavement below Clients are able to drive on their new driveways right away this way

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The main problem with tar & chip surfaces is that the process uses a cheap bituminous glue that, whilst having poor long term adhesion qualities, re-melts in warm temperatures causing black ‘tracking’ under vehicular and pedestrian traffic

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Hicks Paving provides Asphalt, paving, tar & chip, tar and chip, seal coating, driveway, striping, crack filling We service the following counties and towns, as well as surrounding areas in Northern and Northwestern New Jersey:

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Unlike an asphalt driveway you don’t have to seal a tar and chip driveway regularly, however, snow plowing the driveway can damage the surface if not done properly You can expect a tar and chip driveway to last roughly 7 to 10 years, at which point you would want to add another layer or stone and tar

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Tar and chip was the original pavement used on all roads, parking lots and driveways This Driveway Repair Option, is virtually maintenance free as there is no need for sealcoating This Driveway Repair Option, is virtually maintenance free as there is no need for sealcoating

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Also called tar and chip, oil and stone, chip and seal, or seal chip, a macadam driveway is built by spraying the driveway base with hot liquid asphalt, coating that with small stones, then compacting the stones into the sticky substance to form a hard, permanent surface

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As the top firm for tar and chip service in Springfield, OH, our professional experts are ready to help and make your vision for your property home a reality We look forward to helping you with your next paving project With a Chip seal driveway, you get the durability …