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Make your concrete countertop project a conversation piece crushed glass aggregate!Direct Colors offers glass aggregate colors sized from 1/2″ to 1 mm for any poured or overlay finished project Add Size 0 aggregates directly into countertop mix and polish for a “sparkly” finish Add larger glass aggregates for concrete countertop lighting features

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Recycled glass aggregates aren’t just for countertops Consider adding the glass to your next concrete paver project Press the larger glass pieces into the surface for a fun and colorful outdoor look Glass aggregates also make an attractive landscaping edition to flower beds, gardens or as fill between concrete patio pavers

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Terrazzo Glass The ancient flooring technique of terrazzo dates back centuries to the time of Michelangelo and the Renaissance For centuries, artisans have labored with mineral aggregates to create stunning works of art that, in many instances, have survived the ages

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Conversely, a high psi aggregate, such as glass, can leave a “mound” when combined with a low psi concrete countertop mix The surrounding area around the glass has deteriorated faster due to the dust particulate wallowing away the concrete countertop Whenever possible try to match high psi aggregate with high psi concrete countertop mix

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Seven steps to cast in place concrete countertops with glass embeds Step 1: Make the mold Prepare your countertop mold and apply release agent to the forms If you want glass presence in the edge details, toss glass chips up against your edge forms before placing concrete

Crushed Glass Aggregates for Concrete Countertops

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Glass aggregates can be integrally mixed into the concrete but more often they are broadcast onto the surface of fresh concrete This technique is increasingly being used to add interest to diamond polished floors and concrete countertops

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Welcome to Heritage Glass! Create beautiful terrazzo floors, concrete countertops, unique pools and firepits, and colorful landscaping with our green building product, recycled glass aggregate

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A marble or granite look can be attained by putting a high polish on concrete made with finely ground, earth-toned glass aggregates As for strength, glass aggregate can match, exceed or fall short of traditional aggregates, depending on size

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Crystal clear glass aggregate is used to create beautiful terrazzo floors, concrete,countertops, unique pools,wall and colorful landscaping All of our aggregate is 98-100% post-industrial gla

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Artisan crafted concrete countertops have grown in popularity over the years, providing customers the ability to customize the dimension, shape, color, and texture of their countertop surfaces

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Glass and mirror aggregates use in terrazzo floors, concrete countertops, unique pools, firepits, and colored landscaping,Glass aggregates, mirror aggregates,glass chip,crushed glass,crushed mirror,Crushed post-consumer recycled glass, Crushed Mirror ch

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Kitchens Concrete provides more customization options than traditional surfaces like granite, marble, tile, or laminate for kitchen countertopsThe unlimited color choices, varying finishes, and the possibility to integrate items such as drainboards and trivets give concrete countertops the clear advantage

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Adding decorative aggregate to concrete countertops Decorative aggregates, whether they are colored glass, crushed stone or other materials, can create interest and add pizzazz to a concrete countertop This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to create an exciting custom look for your client

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Scott Cohen, owner of Green Scene Landscaping & Pools in the Los Angeles area, has been designing and building concrete countertops for more than 20 years He is one of the early innovators in the cast concrete counter arena and has experimented with hundreds of different embeds, with glass …

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In all three methods, you need to grind to expose the aggregate In method number one, the amount of grinding will be the least, since the aggregates are already placed the closest to the visible surface of the concrete Comments are closed

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Materials Materials for Concrete Countertops and Decorative Concrete Flooring Aggregates Decorative Aggregates for use in Decorative Concrete; Concrete Coloring Integral and Stain Colors for Decorative Concrete Integral Color Colors to Mix Into the Concrete; VersaColour Trinic VersaColour; GFRC & Countertops Materials for Glass Fiber

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However, decorative aggregates that might include glass or semi-precious stones that have been added to the premix can be ground down and exposed on the concrete countertop surface Typically extensive grinding will be required to expose the “ground” surface finish

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See more What others are saying "10 Most Popular Kitchen Countertops" "A Primer On Concrete Countertops" "Once the forms are ready, we place aggregates in the concrete that will be visible in the surface of the countertops

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Coloured recycled glass is a popular and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stone and pebble based aggregates The use of recycled glass as a concrete glass aggregate is sure to bring all of those that see it great visual pleasure for many years to come

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Feb 9, 2018- Crushed Glass Aggregate add rich color and interest to concrete countertops or decor Available in over 10 colors and several sizes Be creative wi

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Make your concrete countertop project a conversation piece with our crushed glass aggregates! ShopRecycled offers mixed color glass aggregate in either 1/8" minus or 3/4" minus - perfect for any poured or overlay finished project

Crushed Glass Aggregate for Countertops- DirectColors

Feb 9, 2018- Crushed Glass Aggregate add rich color and interest to concrete countertops or decor Available in over 10 colors and several sizes Be creative wi

Crushed Glass Aggregates, Per 100 pounds | ShopRecycled

Make your concrete countertop project a conversation piece with our crushed glass aggregates! ShopRecycled offers mixed color glass aggregate in either 1/8" minus or 3/4" minus - perfect for any poured or overlay finished project

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Using Recycled Glass in Concrete Conventional concrete aggregate consists of sand (fine aggregate) and various sizes and shapes of gravel or stones However, there is a growing interest in substituting alternative aggregate materials, largely as a potential use for recycled materials

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This will draw the aggregates to the top Install new ceramic, porcelain, glass or stone tiles above a countertop to brighten a kitchen or bath How to Install a Laminate Floating Floor Concrete countertops are becoming more and more popular, mainly because natural stone is durable

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Recycled glass aggregate isn’t just for countertops Consider using our glass for concrete paver and landscaping projects, too Please note all Direct Colors glass aggregates come from municipal recycling programs, glass factory waste or similar sources Glass …

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Polished Concrete Countertops are perfect for homeowners and designers who want a solid surface countertop that is different than typical granite or marble The advantage to using concrete is that it is completely customizable

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Recycled Glass Countertops THREE: MIXING Casting a recycled glass terrazzo mix is very similar to casting ordinary concrete with one notable exception – the aggregate is really sharp

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Synthetic surfaces and stone are sold in slabs and tiles, and both are limited to standard thicknesses Since our concrete countertops are cast in molds, it can include subtle decorative objects (such as metal shavings, decorative stone, glass aggregates, etc), changes of contour, and greater thickness

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Decorative Concrete Countertops Decorative concrete countertops are fast becoming the choice of homeowners because of it's versatility and lasting beauty for new and remodeling projects You can express you personal style with colors, shape and items that can be embedded like sea shells, beads, mosaic tile pieces, or glass

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Concrete is probably the most versatile material for making countertops It can take any shape, be colored almost any color, have expose aggregate that is either natural or man-made, be stained or

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Designing the Structure of a Concrete Countertop Here is a recent inquiry we have received, which is reflective of many questions we get- "I am looking to do something different and am looking for advice I am thinking about precasting my countertops, but doing it with the finished side up and a layer of plywood and backer board underneath

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Kafka Granite is the expert in manufacturing crushed granite, quartz, marble and recycled materials (porcelain, smoked glass, two-sided mirror, etc) for manufactured quartz countertops and tiles We are able to crush these aggregates to specific sizes, meeting the highest-quality standards as set out by these manufacturers

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Concord Terrazzo Company is a supplier of glass and recycled aggregates Our glass chips come from post-industrial and post-consumer sources and are crushed and processed at our warehouse facility in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Those employing concrete should be sealed to, in order to make the little concrete that shows stain-resistant Many crushed glass countertops can also be called recycled glass countertops Some use up to 80% or more recycled glass, and this makes them a very ecofriendly product for any home Reasons to be Cautious about Crushed Glass Countertops