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The safety margin for solid tantalum capacitors with manganese dioxide electrolyte is typically between 2 and 4 That means that for a 25 V tantalum capacitor with a safety margin of 4 the dielectric voltage proof can withstand 100 V to provide a more robust dielectric

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AVX’s wet tantalum capacitors offer higher capacitance and voltage capability than solid tantalum capacitors The product is hermetically-sealed and provided in axial-leaded and module configurations


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Tantalum capacitors are widely used in electronics design these days Tantalum capacitors offer a form of capacitor that provides a very high capacity density As a result this form of capacitor has found widespread use in many areas of electronics

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AVX is the leading supplier of tantalum capacitors to the medical device industry Our capacitors are used in most of the pacemakers, defibrillators, and neuromodulation devices manufactured each year

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Welcome to Topdiode Manufacturing Topdiode Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range discrete components and capacitors in China

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Tantalum Capacitors ROHM's tantalum capacitors offer greater capacitance in a more compact form factor, along with superior temperature and DC bias characteristics compared with ceramic chip capacitors

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Vishay Intertechnology Hi-Rel Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors Offer Built-in Fuse for Military / Aerospace Systems February 20, 2014 Vishay Extends TANTAMOUNT® TR3 and 293D Series Solid Tantalum SMD Chip Capacitors With Industry-High 75 V Ratings

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Vishay Intertechnology Hi-Rel Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors Offer Built-in Fuse for Military / Aerospace Systems February 20, 2014 Vishay Extends TANTAMOUNT® TR3 and 293D Series Solid Tantalum SMD Chip Capacitors With Industry-High 75 V Ratings

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New Vishay Intertechnology Polymer Tantalum Chip Capacitors Offer Ultra-Low ESR in Compact J, P, A, B, and Low-Profile B Case Sizes Devices Offer Wide Capacitance Range From 33 µF to 330 µF for Computer, Telecom, and Industrial Applications

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Available in 5 case sizes, Hi-Rel COTS Tantamount® T83 Series Capacitors feature capacitance range of 01-330 µF, voltage range from 4-35 V, and operating temperature of -55 to +125°C Option of low ESR values, which extends down to 01 ohm at +25°C and 100 kHz allows efficient filtering

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AVX TRM Professional Multianode Tantalum Capacitors AVX has expanded the overall tantalum capacitor series to now offer 15 EIA case sizes to better accommodate designs with limited height and space requirements This expansion has also resulted in an extended temperature range from -55ºC to 200ºC and voltage range from 25V to 50V

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T4Z Medical Series capacitors offer the lowest DC leakage values in the market: 001CV standard, with custom potential down to 0005CV — or half that of typical industry limits — enabling longer lifetime performance and improved reliability compared to commercial tantalum capacitors

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Tantalum capacitors are also available in military specifications versions (MIL-SPEC), which offer tighter tolerances and a wider operating temperature range They are a popular replacement for aluminum electrolytics in military applications because they do not tend …

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Surface mount tantalum capacitors are increasingly being used in circuit designs because of their volumetric efficiency, basic reliability and process compatibility Tantalum capacitors are manufactured from a powder of relatively pure tantalum metal The typical particle size is between 2 and 10 μm

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the proven capabilities of our industrial grade tantalum chip capacitors to offer several advantages such as low ESR, high ripple current capability, excellent capacitance stability, and improved resistance to high in-rush currents These benefits are achieved through a combination of proprietary design, materials, and process parameters, as

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Tantalum capacitors are a specific form of electrolytic capacitor Unlike the more familiar aluminium electrolytic capacitor, tantalum ones are much smaller and offer a very high level of capacitance for a given volume and weight

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Tantalum capacitors offer designers of densely packed, high-performance electronic circuits a reliable high-capacitance solution with stable performance A historical favorite among design engineers, tantalum capacitors are found in a wide range of applications such …

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Oct 30, 2014 · Solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors from Vishay offer high stability and excellent reliability for use in commercial and consumer electronics They …

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Computers use large numbers of filter capacitors, making size an important factor Solid tantalum and wet tantalum capacitors offer some of the best CV (capacitance/voltage) performance in some of the most volumetrically efficient packaging available High currents and low voltages also make low equivalent series resistance (ESR) important

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Tantalum capacitors offer a form of capacitor that provides a very high capacity density The tantalum capacitor is similar to the electrolytic capacitor, but using tantalum within the construction of the capacitor it is able to offer extremely high levels of capacitance for any given volume

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A wide variety of offer tantalum capacitors options are available to you, such as general purpose, automotive, and ac / motor You can also choose from tantalum capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and ceramic capacitor

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The low ESR of the capacitors released today is a result of their polymer cathodes, which offer greatly enhanced performance over manganese dioxide devices In addition, the T55 series offers excellent ripple current rating up to 178 A I RMS and provides low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for enhanced charge and discharge characteristics

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We have direct sales windows in electronic Market specilized for Samsung SMD Capacitors We are also available to offer Murata MLCC item from official channel,and keep big amount of stock Murata When/why (not) to use Tantalum capacitors Pros, c AVX tantalum capacitor Kemet Polymer Tantalum Capacitor Distributor; Kemet SMD Tantalum

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Compliant with RoHS requirements, TCJ Series tantalum polymer capacitors offer capacitance values of 10 µF/63 V in 0805 package, in addition to 47 µF/63 V and 100 µF/4 V in 1206 package With operating voltage up to 12 V and operating temperature of 125°C, they can withstand 3 times reflow profile up to 260°C

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AVX offers several series of Commercial-over-the-Shelf Capacitors (COTS), including tantalum and military-qualified capacitors that offer several case sizes and construction compatible with a wide range of SMT board assembly processes

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Tantalum polymer capacitors are expanding their market share in the commercial world because they offer superior electrical performance (primarily much lower ESR), have outstanding reliability, and display a more benign failure response than the incumbent MnO2-cathode tantalum capacitor technology

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The devices offer a capacitance range from 01 µF to 470 µF over voltage ratings from 4 VDC to 63 VDC, with capacitance tolerances of ± 10 % and ± 20 % Case codes B, C, D, and E are 100 % surge current tested and offering improved reliability of 05% / 1,000 hours

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Tantalum is a rare, bluish-gray metal which comes in many forms and requires sophisticated processing capabilities Buy Tantalum Scrap Tantalum is one of the highly sought metal elements in the world because of its excellent physical and chemical properties

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Vishay Intertechnology HI-TMP® Wet Tantalum Capacitors Offer Increased Reliability for Industrial and Oil Exploration Applications Through-Hole Devices Feature Operation to +200 °C, Increased

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Mica capacitors are used in applications that need high precision, reliability and stability Popularly known as silver mica capacitors, find them in varied rated voltage, tolerance, lead spacing, packaging type and capacitance at Future Electronics We offer quality capacitors at great prices

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Standard Tantalum tantalum standard One world One KEMET We offer our customers the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry across Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors – Standard Tantalum Tantalum Surface Mount Capacitors – Standard Tantalum…

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AVX Corporation is a recognized leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry AVX’s TACmicrochip® standard and low-profile tantalum microchip capacitors offer high energy storage in a small case size down to 0402 Learn More


POLYMER, TANTALUM AND NIOBIUM OXIDE CAPACITORS avx Version 1811 Technological Leadership in Tantalum and Niobium one of the best technologies to offer very high capacitance tantalum powder and wire used to manufacture its tantalum capacitors from smelters whose compliance with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC

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Tantalum capacitors Tantalum capacitors offer high levels of capacitance, and they are commonly used in SMPS filtering applications A tantalum capacitor has a highly porous anode that provides a large dielectric surface area, hence the extremely high CV density